fresh salt.

I don’t normally dumpster dive, but today I got a good tip from my co-workers on some recently discarded business and industrial items in a nearby trash bin. So I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a go! I was warned that I’d have to climb up and into the dumpster and that once inside it may be hard to lift items out - okay, no big deal. Once inside I saw a table, a beat up vintage metal office desk, some file drawers, a boat load of owners manuals for various pieces of electronic test equipment, a equipment rack, some boxes and bins, hordes of shipping materials, and sadly a number of (seemingly boring) books. I was really hoping to get one of the metal carts that my co-workers had been able to scavenge and use it as a caddy in my garage, but when I arrived the dumpster was fresh out. I did however find a small wooden crate and black metal case that I liked. Then it was just a matter of getting them out of the dumpster on my own without breaking them. For that I grabbed some shipping foam from the dumpster and dropped it over the side to make a nice soft landing pad for my boxes. Then I carefully dropped the boxes flat onto the foam. It worked great! Once I was out of the dumpster and had the boxes packed into my car I tossed the foam back in the dumpster and went on my marry way.

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